Mixed Signals – Room14

Verse 1
I got so many questions
What are your intentions?
I can’t seem to get it
Baby girl I ain’t ready
So damn complicated
Just tell me if you with it
(Tell me if you with it)
Cause you got me so confused
Telling a boy come through
(Telling me to come through)
But you got your man always calling you
What you trying to do?

*voice note*
Just hear me out okay
Like..I like hanging out with you
Like.. I.. I like you you know?
And yes I know I have a boyfriend and I love him or whatever but it’s not the same with you
And I.. I really don’t wanna lose you okay
Can we just please not over think this and just go along with it
And just please don’t make me choose.. Please

Verse 2
You’re so damn conceited
I swear I never needed
All this drama
But you got me all up in my feelings
You’re revealing every part of me that I wanna keep hidden
Just admit it if you ain’t with it
Baby ima beat it
(Ima beat it)
Come through ima show you what you’re missing
Why you tripping when it’s me who you really wanna be with
(Yeah that’s me)
Call me up and ima pull up in a minute
(In a minute)
You ain’t never gon forget it, that’s real

Verse 3
Call me when you got your mind made up
(Made up)
Cause I ain’t down for the games, you gotta tell me straight up
I’ve been making moves
I ain’t the type to wait up
Dinner with your nigga, then you at my crib later
(She said)
You know what the issue is
I can’t make no promises
And please don’t make me choose cause I don’t really know what his feeling is