I’mma tell you something bout love

See love is messed up nigga

But love is beautiful

[Verse 1]

I’ma let you in on a lil secret

I’ve been trippin’ but I think I found the perfect Mrs

Far from perfect but I swear it man she’s so worth it

So flawless her face is a masterpiece

And her smile feels like home puts my soul at ease

To be honest I ain’t never known this kinda peace

wanna be the one to give you everything that you do deserve

Walk hand in hand be the mirror that reflects your worth

I’m not perfect but baby you deserve the best

Put you first in my world never second best

See love baby it don’t ever rhyme

But you and I in sync makes the perfect symphony

Just like the beat your heart plays when your soul sings for me

It’s been a whole new world ever since you came to me

I can’t believe it it’s a blessing I accept it gratefully

And now we vibing till we get lost inside your loving energy


Me and you like Bonnie and Clyde

We gon’ ride till death do us part

Feel alive with only you by my side

We have the time of our lives

When we hop in a ride x2

[Verse 2]

Got got damnit girl that ass so perky

I just wanna touch it, but the gods won’t let me

It’s funny how this distance only just makes me want you more

Don’t be surprised if I’m soon knocking at your door

I’ve been working mad shifts tryna get a plane ticket

Can’t afford to waste a minute I think you deserve a visit

You’re the type of girl to make a thug go on cute dates

Head over heels now he texting you them kiss faces

Talking bout his feelings while you listen making cute faces

And now he thinking how he gon’ give you those cute babies

It’s so crazy when the love is at mutual

The bestest feeling and it’s far from the usual

Who’s to know how we get along darling

We take the backseat while love steady chauffeuring

Hate is unfamiliar we treat it so foreign

We probably never getting out cause we are so far in



[Verse 3]

I find myself scrolling through your pictures when I’m missing you

Got my heart doing cartwheels when I think of kissing you

I wanna tell you that I love you but I’m steady dissing you

I never know how to say it its way harder than it seems

How do you ever find the words to tell the woman of your dreams

When she’s standing right in front of you

Her smile steady blinding you

[Gibberish] I’m fumbling my words again

Could you please just stop staring like a mannequin

Credits: Teazy / Andy / Kondwani / Spillz / Secret Stash

Ride or Die Lyrics ©️ Iflex Music Publishing


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