Description – [Peh-ta-luh-ga – Butterfly – An entity flying from the corpse at the moment of death, free from the bonds of the body and ready to start a new life after the departure of the individual – a free soul.]

KslayeR – Petaloúda (peh-ta-luh-ga) Lyrics


Yeah man see I’ve been thinking about my life a lot and

I’m growing old man

I still have so many questions

Still going through so many hurdles

But life is a beautiful experience and I’m grateful for it

There’s nothing more amazing than that

And yeah I just had to say something

It’s K


[Verse 1]

Woke up this morning feeling grateful for another day

Another chance to make amends to make a way

out of the wilderness out of the craziness we deal with on a daily

I really need a vacation

Just hit the 2 7 and now my minds racing

asking questions like Have I become complacent?

Complicit in the murder of my own dreams

conflicted I’m a montage of sad themes

Tell me who decides what defines a man?

Look into my eyes do you see a man?

Do you see the tears running down the windowpane?

From everything it takes just to be the man

Got a lot of people counting on a handout

When really all I am is just a hand out

In the wind asking God does it pan out

Do i stick it out or are we calling it a strike out?



I’m a modern day man with an old soul

I don’t even have a plan, but baby let’s go

I’m just tryna be the man, be the man

She told me baby be great be the man

Be the man x2

She told me baby be great be the man


[Verse 2]

I’m probably new to your ears

Nothing new to the mic

I been busting rhymes crazy erryday tryna flip the mode

I know that you been trying too but you don’t fit the mould

Cut from a different cloth

Was tailored to believe in growth

You shouldn’t get us mixed up like a witches broth

I cut you easy like milenials I sever ties

For the fun of it I’m EDWARD with the scissor hands

I know they hate that I’m the one they couldn’t sabotage

Gifted hands I write golden got the Midas touch

See it’s me and Kunkeyani till the world ends

Finnna take over the world with my best friend

Pinky and the brain shit

I know that we deserve it

Now tell me baby girl do you really love me?

Cause I once open up to you ain’t coming back

I’m just hopelesss with the romance I will love you senseless

Just as long you do promise that you got my back



Credits: Teazy / Kunkeyani Tha Jedi/ Keisha/ Secret Stash

Petaloúda Lyrics ©️ Iflex Music Publishing

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