KslayeR – Annihilation Lyrics



It’s K


I’m coming in spinning switch blades

Tryna set pace for me to make it quickly to third base

Me and young Beyz steady gunning for that first place

Coming in second or third that is the worst case

Not even surgery could help you niggas save face

It’s too late for you all you can do is pray for better days

KRYTIC said don’t you ever let the spark die

Tell him we coming with more fire than a drive by

Kicks baby that’s me and the Jedi

Dude told you we great how could you ever deny

City on my back and I’m headed towards the finish line

Can’t recline I’m racing fast to beat the record time

Wreck it Ralph I’m breaking necks running these laps around you

Road runner prolly chillin’ when the dust surrounds you

Leave you screw facing like deep throating in porno flicks

Better stay hopping like kids jumping on pogo sticks

Can’t employ your tricks cause I figured out your politics

Half you niggas talking shit cause you don’t know what logic is

I’m prolific with no gimmicks there’s no limits

Never timid a free spirit I breeze with it

Every single minute I’m elevated to higher heights

I will never quit it until my name is in flashing lights

The Broadway kind, vegas nights

And all this dope I’m spitting you’ll do best to bag it tight

Maybe you might sling it for a profit if the price is right

That’s right, gotta check the price is right

I was stuck struggling, life was mind boggling, I could not fathom it

Had to get out of it took to skill sharpening now I’m zigzagging through rappers who keep yappin’ the flows they stay jackin’

Mind so sharp I could prolly slice off your dome, with just a single thought I cut right to the bone

I’m cutthroat with the poems

I never fit in with norms

They trying to compare me with niggas that I’m better than

Really think you’re competition nah ma nigga better run

Ain’t it funny how I’m your favourite rapper’s favourite

And my only competition is your favourite rapper’s favourite

I am coming for you dudes getting comfortable put you in your place like a designated driver do

Because that’s what I’d rather do

Treat my targets like my old flame man I don’t misfire

I’m like a chef in hells kitchen how I dish fire

bring the heat to make these other niggas perspire get tired now they thinking they should retire

Bars too electric leave them shocked I’m a live wire

Like fake drugs you niggas really try to be dope

But that ain’t happening like heavy boulders going upslope

Find me up top getting my cojones sucked off

This is annihilation

I’m coming back for every comeback to make sure you never come back with a comeback thats combat

So all you p**y ass niggas better fall back

Nigga this is Warcraft

*inaudible mumbling*

I just need the beat to finish (laughs)

So the K is back

The real (laughs)

Shoutout to all my people

Shoutout Teazy

Shoutout Jedi

Shoutout my dawg EddieBlack

And baby

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