[Produced by Batto]

Yeah, this is good.. I need that nigga, i need that! This is like some Lil Wayne rebirth track, you know what I’m sayin’? Yeah Yeah, exactly, exactly.. I hope it did’nt pickthat up though. My style.
No more trap, it’s just hip hop

Alright, here we go
Lemme send a lil wave, let your brain process
I know you love the beat when the bass knockin’
I put pressure on ’em, they cant even stand it
All hail to the king, what an avalanche is
If I demand it, then I gotta have it
Shout to Batto J.R King, for another classic
Me and the music, we gon’ start a family
Cuz currently, my family can’t even stand me
What you know about my life nigga?
I’m that rapper sayin’ “Fuck a rapper life” nigga
The originator, raps mediator
Heaven sent, comin’ down, so I need the acres
UGH, gimme space, just gimme space
You run shit? whoopty doo, I’m in different race
At my own pace
I judge my own case
Mask off, makin’ sure they see the WHOLE FACE!
I let you get to me before,
That ain’t happenin’ again,
I switched the locks on the door
Fuck I look like, tryna cuff me a whore?
Somone said to trust the process,
I’m workin’ on rapport
These days, my aura like..
FUCK THE BULLSHIT! cuz real and fake are not alike
Bottom line? We finna cross the boarderline
I’m drippin’ swag, Fuck these niggas tryna blow my high
Think you know me? You don’t
Think we hommies? We not
I was duckin’ the blows,
While you was takin’ your shots
Neighborhood star, i aint even half of that
Neighborhood junkie, overdose over rap
They try to kill a nigga dream??
Nah, they cant kill a nigga beam
So let it shine, hommie let it shine
Take your time, hommie take your time
Meanwhile I’m takin’ mine
Damn right I crossed the line
Gotta lead, I cant follow them behind all the time
What it do? What it don’t
First they love you, then they don’t
Fuck it though!
Make way for the GOAT, and im OUT!!!

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