Haha..(kanizi). Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen…

We just having fun dawg, we just having fun…listen


Am uncontrollably gifted, this rap sh*t I lift it, am verbally vicious
I burn souls when I spit it, ambitious I never quit it
Am in it to win it, my vocal is rigid and what you doing
I did it, am feeling like killing these rappers with these
Words that am spilling. Beat you up like producers
Yeah am healing the game, hardcore like medusa..

Everyday that is passing am crashing em, rap is a passion
Am dancing with darkness, and I write rhymes like it’s madness
Spazzing on tracks, and all I spit is nothing but facts
Amazing and black you know am here to fill in the cracks
Kanizi attacks like the government getting tax
My skill is at max, you better start watching your backs

These niggas female, that’s why they ovary act
10 years in the game n you still an opening act?
Believe it or not, am doing everything that you not
You raising the flag, cause I am you plus all that you lack

And when I flow, even unbelievers speak tongues don’t test me
Or I will get the breath out your lungs I never lie
The only time I lie is when am sleeping, am always in the back like a
Back pack creeping…[×2]

We just having fun man…
We just having fun say it with me now..
We just having fun bro
We just having fuuuuuun!

Umfwa apa nomba…


Stitching snitches, trigger finger itching, middle finger flipping
Then a hater goes missing, listen, we the ones to kill it this season
Fire burn to every paper that my pen blessing..
You gotta witness a change in the business, you gotta see this
It’s culture music we killing this crucifying you sinners
And switching most to believers, I know you’ve seen us we are winners
We making a new religion, the truth is lying within us
Made it without no favors, making them haters anxious
We burning like furnace, we run it like a menace
It’s a routine chasing the dream, stacking those papers
Am getting smarter, been working harder check out the blisters..

Young king on a mission, be humble just sit down and then listen
There should be a reason why these niggas keep shooting and missing

Man, we making moves, never following rules
All you doing is hope just like them Kangaroos.

We just having fun man….
We just having fun say it with me now..
We just having fun
We just having fuuuuuun!


Reverrrrb!! Good looking out homie…
Kanizi, Love before gold

We just having fun… let it run homie… yeah.

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