Dragy – The Cycle (Ft. Ziyase)

[Act 1]
Wake up and smell the roses
But, I’m too far gone up to
I wonder what she’s up to
But, I ain’t gon’ call her
Sweat around my collar
I had nightmare
Staring at the ceiling
Tryna regain feeling
In my arm, I must have slept on
I put on my Puma flip flops and take a shower
The water feels amazing
I might just stay a while
I get out & put my clothes on
I put some Drake on
I feel nostalgic
We used to love this song
We found love but we lost it
I’ve always been careless

[Act 2]
Now I’m coasting down memory lane
In vain
Trying to regain
A connection with a past
I see a boy trying to grow up to fast for his own good
The food for thought that he’s taking’s got his mind aching trying to digest it
He invests his time in the seemingly pointless to his peers
His fears don’t hold him back
No, on the contrary, they’re what push him harder
He’s just trying to do better than his father
The weight on his shoulders is just too much
Its just too much
But he won’t admit it
Oh, no
He won’t show weakness
Its like a sickness
Pride is his Achilles
Delusions of grandeur got him feeling higher than ganja would
Heart burning up like fire wood

[Act 3]
Dear younger me
I see your heart breaking
I feel the pain
You feel the ground shaking
You hate the rain
The pitter patter’s reminiscent of bitter cake butter
And how good things turn bad
How they burn bright and die fast
Ashes to ashes
Lost in the passion
Crashed into madness
And landed in hysteria
Don’t care attitude
Don’t care for attitude
Heart hardened and barricaded
You’re highly driven and aggravated
Dragging round your baggage everywhere that you go
Every day’s a funeral for everyone that’s dead to you
I want to tell you it gets better
I want pen a letter to you and write down how life is everything you hoped for
But, that would be lying
That would be saying that you’re not still crying
That you don’t still get your heart broke
And choked up when the memories come rushing back
Life may not get any better
But you do
You transform like voodoo
Who knew, that this is what you’d become
The sum of everything that’s happened to you
Everything you’ve been through
All culminating into this heck person
Someone you can be proud of
So chin up young man
I’m going to make a hero out of you yet
By the grace of God
Dust your shoulders and get up
Stop feeling sorry for yourself
And when life points a gun at you
Stare down the barrel, bite the bullet
You only get one shot at this
Make the most of it


[Act 4]
I snap back to the present
And go to sleep hoping that the angels protect me
Sometimes I wonder if they’re watching over me
Or if they’ve given up on me
It’s hard to tell
I wouldn’t blame them if they have though
But, if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

[Refrain: Ziyase]
Do you cry for me
Do you pray for me
Do you think about me
Do you? Do you?

[Act 5]
I wonder if you think about me
I wonder if you pray for me
Or am I just a lost soul forgotten
Do I look to the sky in vain
Is my name in the book of Life
These are the questions I ponder
As I look to yonder light
Out there to the stars above
He gave me covenant to hold truly
I wonder why
If he already knew me
And knew that I would break
That which was entrusted to me
Tell me, is there hope for me?
Are you holding down a rope for me?
Are you?

Do you cry for me
Do you pray for me
Do you think about me
Do you?
Do you?

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Dragy – Delusions of Grandeur