1. Shivering at the mic stand, it’s more than nerves/
It’s more than words can describe, man, so cold it hurts/
2. His fingers numb from the ice damn it’s so absurd/
He started off as a nice man but slowly turned/
3. He started off in the right lane but left it like the UK
You say it’s influencing his perspective/
4. Guess it’s expected. His granddaddy left him/
So, he figured that his father figure was the expert/
Talking like him. Walking like him. Leaving like him. Falling like him/
Shadows growing larger to accommodate his fallen idol/
5. But winters over winter soldier time to face the heat/
It’s hoodie season any longer you gone face the freeze/
49 and 0 like Floyd I never face defeat/
So, you’ll never have me beat see I’m always by the book/
I don’t have to show it know that I was raised strong, look/
Hit me with your punchlines. get you with my song hook/

Tell me do you feel it
Do you feel it in your bones
The snow it falls. I froze

World is getting chilly
Only thing I feel is cold
To live alone’s to die alone too



1. Frostbit my lip off, I spit so icy, I freeze when rhyming/
I bleed all diamonds, I’m Kimbo slicing right through these islands/
I’m the Titanic but no ice can ice me/
2. I be hogging the oxygen, lots of things on my mind/
I be solving my problems ‘fore the even arise/
Pessimistic by nature, an optimist to survive/
Train of thoughts at the station, I hopped on it for a ride/

3. Tell me why you’re alive, do you do what you want/
Do you just wanna survive or live a life/
4. Do you want to be drowned by generational pride? /
Daddy did but I’m glad he did cause he’s feeling alive /
Sad he did cause my granny did and he follow in stride/
The monotony got to me do these memories lie? /
5. Remember me as I am but I am not the right/
Felonies in my mind accumulate over time/
6. Feeling like PacMan, running from the ghosts in my past/
No escaping I got to face it. Repair what I had/
7. Losing place in the human race. And I finna be last/
Cause nobody gas me up. But nobody gas me up/
I’m self sufficient, I’m winning this on my own/
8.All these fellas be yelling and telling me I’m in the snow/
Oh, I’m yelling back like a panther, I never froze/
Declaring I’m in my element telling em that I’m cold/

Tell me do you feel it
Do you feel it in your bones
The snow it falls. I froze

World is getting chilly
Only thing I feel is cold
To live alone’s to die alone too



1. Broken pieces, smoking reefa, tryna keep myself together/
Quit the smoking, got me choking, so unfocused on the cheddar/
Catch some women. Catch some feelings. Catch a cold in all this weather/
Leave em after. Need a pastor. Someone pray for me to get up/
2. I been falling, I been falling, I been calling for a jumper/
Heavy thinking, heart is sinking, on the brink of going under/
Brothers dying fast as lightning. Close your eyes and hear the thunder/
3. Momma crying in the night I swear I’m bout to lose my supper /
She done lost another father tell me why she gotta suffer/
4. Hit the bar and hit the gutter wanna down another cuppa/
Vodka talking like doctor. Say he healing all his scars/
5. He drown myself inside a batch of liquor alcohol/-
Is his greatest vice take it giving great advice/
Swear he had the greyest eyes./
Never saw in black and white/
Taught me how to compromise/
Man I wish we had more time/
6. Said I had a higher mind/
High mind brother mine/

Cold world when a brother die/


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Cold – Teecy Da’poet ft Mwachi