Microphone check am cashing a check written in blood
Look at the rest demanding respect give ’em a hug
The world is cold like the tip of an Ice Berg rolling with the five like the side of a Dice
Age is just a number to the one that neither sleep or slumber
My flow is outta control somebody call a plumber
The boy can flow but I wouldn’t call it mainstream like the Zambezi cause the source is from the same thing
God create, these lyrics never fabricated we’ve seen the Tasmanian devil so sin is animated
Am aggravated at levels of profanity try and live right what the world will call insanity
They say that they look up to me but my reputation is in a battle with gravity
I know the line is thin between rebuking Sin and just being a Pharisee
Its God’s grace just in case you’re lacking clarity

Thank God its all over
Thank God its all over
If you don’t feel it like I do then lemme open up to you
Its all over

Like Jesus at the Temple how I make these table turn
Forget about the past gotta let these Bridges burn
We only breathing by God’s grace he never turns His back even when we never show face
And we fast cause this life is such a slow Race forget skill, His glory what I showcase
So this dedicated to the time that I was medicated
This dedicated to the time I wasn’t educated
Kicked outta school for no fees where do I get the drive if the boy got no keys
Cats got nine lives but the Mice have more cheese
The times that I was roommates with Roaches
This one’s for my fears cause I no longer fear you
The voices in my head I no longer hear you
This one’s dedicated to the barriers this is a war cry for all the cross carriers because Christ carry us


Thank God its all over
Thank God its all over
If you don’t fee it like I do then lemme open up to you
Its all over

Where do I even begin? How do I tell you about the battles I face within?
How do I tell you that everyday I battle with Sin
How do I tell you that am not as perfect as I seem?

You think am living a dream? But its more like a nightmare
No rules to this so the Devil don’t fight fair I know He’s right here
On my Achilles Hill the peer pressure got me thinking I should feel the thrill
Of being young and dumb but every time I wanna fall in the Abyss I close my eyes and think of Judas and the Kiss
I don’t wanna put you back on a cross cause you rose from the grave for every time that I fall
Your blood was the answer for every time that I call
Every time that I show less of you and more of me that’s when I lose it
But I give you my life and I pray that you used it
Its over.

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