21 year old Photographer Chimwemwe Dwayne Phiri commonly known as ‘Dwayne Photography” is a Lusaka based, Zambian Photographer.

Having been practicing photography for the last 3 years, Dwayne still considers himself as an aspiring photographer who still has much to learn and has expanded his knowledge on what photography really is.

It all started out as a hobby but now Dwayne is one of the fast growing Photographers in the country

As an inspiration to my work ,I look up to people like (Petter Mckinnon ) and (Matti Haapoja ) great photographer/ videographers there work shows how much effort one can put into producing quality work no matter where you are in the world . Having someone to motivate you in such a way that you get to believe in yourself to do things that only end as idea to other people – Dwayne

My take on photography in Zambia is quite different from what most of us that take pictures would think of , most photographers are limiting themselves as to what they can achieve which is a bad thing , luck of equipment shouldn’t stop one from trying to get better at what they do . Most photographer I have come to noticed really depend on the camera model or megapixel they can achieve, which shouldn’t be the case learn the skills required for the work that is needed to be done and you we’ll not be limited by your equipment.