As the recent Headliner for the Zed Arts New Wave Live Show, most of you could be wondering who Natasha Chansa is and why she’s such a hot topic.

Let’s get right into it shall We?
Born 29th April, 2000. Natasha Chansa A.K.A ‘PNC’ Princess Natasha Chansa is a 19 Year old, Princess/Singer/Rapper/Lyricist.

Having entered the industry officially in 2018 with her debut hit single, ‘Need Your Fire’ prod by Era Black, Natasha Chansa has been the most promising and fast growing ‘New Wave Artist’. With only a handful of singles to her name, the Singer/Rapper has caught the attention of the bigger names of the Zambian Industry, Bobby East, Macky 2, Kaladoshas, Jay Rox. Just to mention a few.

Natasha Chansa got to feature on Bobby East’s Vanilla Album on the track ‘Bet You Miss The Old Me’ that features Natasha Chansa and Tim Thugga. She also got to feature on Clique Virals, “Makanja Femix” that features Cleo Ice Queen, Natasha Chansa, Bombshell, Theresa Ng’ambi and Ludo Freshe.

Natasha Chansa currently only has 3 official singles out, Need Your Fire, Pleiades Noise.

With this mini discography, this is only the beginning of the multi talented artists career and we hope you know a little bit more on Natasha Chansa.