Authority is a Mixtape by Rian Kusher, a Lusaka based Hip Hop Rapper. On this project, he raps about he’s come up and the daily struggles of the youths with hope of making it big in the music industry or rather in life. The tape’s diversity can be heard from the different talk points every featured artist came with.

Among the featured artists are: Euni Carlos, Wizzo, Twizzy, Hush Tiger, Young Mizi, Chiyembekezo, Kaylo, Goldluck, Dj Savage, Remedy and Draxy. The tape was produced by the following producers: Mzenga Man, King Nachi, Arsteven, Freezer, Dodo, Chimz and Barz from the USA. 


No Games


Self Made

Hip Hop Ain’t Dead



Pull Up


2:30 Freestyle

Good Luck

Proudly Zambian