The B.A.D (Bars Aint Dead) CYPHER 2020 is an idea which was created because no man r woman is an island in this uphill Zed Hip Hop Battle. The Culture currently lacks sufficient mutual support, networks, skills, expertise & support. Real Hip Hop is very much alive and well in Zambia but much needed evolution is required for it to get to the next level. The This is more about unity than competition. This Cypher is a reminder to anyone still sleeping on what Zambia has in regards to talent and the potential so many people have. THIS IS FOR ART. THIS IS FOR PASSION. THIS IS FOR UNITY. THIS IS FOR EVOLUTION. THIS IS FOR THE ART. THIS IS FOR THE CULTURE. The Cypher includes the following emcees. Kronick Tha Diabolical, Tresor,Ike Lowrey, Lady Ryn/Nemesis, Afroken Punk, Ollee Benjamin ,MC,Tai Tha Wordsmith,Krypton,Maad Swiiss, Andy Mez.