Noti Naupuba is a Zambian Movement ( Brand) started by Zambian dancer Masumba ‘M-train’

The term “Noti_naupuba” for us represents the struggle we as youths go through and where we come from cause we’ve been through alot and being alive today is definitely something God had to do with.

We use “#Noti_naupuba on everything we post online cause that’s us representing our people and every youth struggle out there,my dream to run/own a clothing line started as a joke lol,i remember sharing the idea with a few friends who didn’t take it seriously, I wasn’t to blame them cause we had different vision’s.

Getting started was a struggle till I met friend’s who saw nothing but the best in my idea’s, we sat down to talk about the brand and we decided to change the game by working together and building a life time friendship. Goblinz Empire,Swagg society,Urban kings and Nens are by far some of the realest people we’ve ever met,without them this clothing line wouldn’t be a success today!#Together_we_grow! We intend to take this clothing line as far as it will go considering that’s the only way will how far it can reach.

Hats( caps) are K70

T-shirts are K150