Niva Hankede, a 22 year old Photographer and fashion enthusiast from Mazabuka, Zambia.

At the young age of 11, whilest in the 8th grade, Niva discovered his love for fashion because he would usually be in the school computer lab browsing on the Top 10 prestigious Fashion Houses.

While pursuing his Bachelor of Arts Degree programme in Demography and Development Studies at the University of Zambia, Niva continued with his Fashion Enthusiasm which led him into creating a Blog Site where he could offload all his knowledge in Fashion and Photography, and thats where he also made his Instagram Account his Primary work of place to showcase his Skills and Knowledge.

At that time, Niva became Familiar with other Zambian creatives namely: Peter Mwansa, Harris, Sampa (the model), also heard of Christina, and Ma Fashio Zambia. Thats when he knew he wanted in on this creative life even more.


Last year 2017 (not sure which month exactly) I was Inboxed on Instagram by an International ‘Mens Accessories’ Company called “ Classy Men Collection “ and they asked if I could be one of their Influencers. It was my First Deal ever and I was excited and they sent me a Wrist Watch to use on my Daily Life activities and I love it till now. – Niva

At the start of 2018 he realized he had the Ability to be an All-Round ‘ Brand Influencer ‘ too because he knew and was confident that his knowledge in Brands  would help him Advertise for Various Companies that sold; Clothing, Accessories, Skin Care, Food etc (he is interested in Automotive Too).

Niva was also given an Opportunity to work with ‘INFINIX Mobility Limited’ on 9th May in creating awareness if their recently released Hot S3 Smartphone and he was excited. It is currently going on and he confident, he’s doing a good job.

Over the past few months I have received amazing recognition that I never thought would come this fast. I have received several Likes and Comments from ADIDAS on my photos that contained an Adidas piece. I also had the privilege to chat with Adidas (South Africa) on my Instagram Inbox and to me that was an amazing Experience.

I have also received recognition from the Former Creative Director of Givenchy and current Burberry Chief Creative Officer – ‘ RICCARDO TISCI ‘ who liked a Photo I posted of me wearing a T shirt with my Role Models names printed on it, and he was part of them.

I was also recently recognized by BATA shoes, after I posted a photo of myself in casual outfit and black Bata Derby Shoes, they Inboxed me and asked if they could feature me on their Page, and that was so amazing, I was honored.

I have not gotten any Awards yet because I have not contested in any of them, but I hope to find interest in that soon because I want to work first then that can follow after.

My Goal is to help Zambia earn its Place in World Creativity. I want to Blend the Modern Fashion and Photography Lifestyle with hints of Cultural Creativity to show that Africans (especially Zambians) are equally capable of using their Amazing Cultural skills to still work with the Modern Day Age. – Niva Hankede

Social Media accounts on which Niva’s work is published are;

  • Instagram : ‘ @iam__niva ‘ (currently 20.7K followers)
  • Facebook : 3000+ Friends
  • Facebook Page : ‘ Druberg Fashion House ‘.
  • Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine : ‘ @druberg_official ‘ (very recent, with 370+ followers)
  • Snapchat : ‘ @nivadruberg6 ‘