Author: Bwalia Nkumbula

Jummah – The Nocebo Effect (part 1)

A phenomenon where negative thoughts affect your reality and in medicine it affects you physically. The tape is my negative thoughts from good and bad memories, expressed through different songs, each lyrical in their own way. – Jummah 1. How ’bout it Click here to download 2. Soliloquy Click here to download 3. F*ck you Click here to download 4. From time Click here to download 5. 4hunnit Click here to download...

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Can You Abel? lyrics

VERSE 1 Microphone check am cashing a check written in blood Look at the rest demanding respect give ’em a hug The world is cold like the tip of an Ice Berg rolling with the five like the side of a Dice Age is just a number to the one that neither sleep or slumber My flow is outta control somebody call a plumber The boy can flow but I wouldn’t call it mainstream like the Zambezi cause the source is from the same thing God create, these lyrics never fabricated we’ve seen the Tasmanian devil so sin is...

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Persevere – P.O.P

“The fight you put in when there’s little or no hope”, thats my definition of Perseverance, I P.O.P, wrote the song ‘Persevere’, after some real life challenges I faced and they all just enhanced the vibe adding a little bit of thrill to the record.’ Click Here to Download...

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Cloud Castle – T.E.N

T.E.N which stands for third Eye Negro is a song by ras mwizy And Schasa haley of Cloud Castle Records and features E3 Afrikah On this international l you produced hit song by Grammy nominated Producer cash clay whose credits include producing the hit songBy Migos and Travis Scott Kelly price off the culture album. Click Here to Download...

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