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S.T.C the producer

Chanda Mulenga better known as ‘S.T.C the producer’ is more of a beat maker and producer than a writer.  Although, when pen and paper collide, he writes unorthodox songs about topics that he is passionate about: food, family, memes and more. S.T.C was born on 24th February, 1995, in Kalulushi and subsequently raised in Kitwe Zambia. He was not an avid listener of music until 2009 when a little flame sparked up inside of him. Furthermore, it was only during the 2011 festive season while in on holiday in Kasama that his passion grew from just listening to music to creating it. He basically...

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Born Anuel Ngosa Kasote, better known as AnK, is a Zambian Musician whose genres are Hip Hop and Trap. Curious to see how far he can take his talent, AnK is highly inspired by himself and his ever growing talent. Also finding inspiration from South African rapper AKA, AnK’ s goals are to create a huge fan base, become one of Zambia’s best producer/beat maker as well as make it internationally. He made his debut with family values on the zed arts website and later on released his current Mixtape the 96KiD.   Having to juggle music and school.(...

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Mwachi – Anxious Lyrics

Verse 1 Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed cause I think that I’ll die And my soul feels do damn heavy, I just want to sit and cry I swear sometimes it feels like all my joy is running dry And the colours of the world don’t even seem to f**king try Chorus Ooooo I’m ripping at the seams Somebody save me x2 Ooooo I’m drowning so it seems Somebody save me x2 Verse2 I wear my sins across my wrists like they were tattoos And the musk of my anxiety is my perfume You don’t...

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