Author: Bwalia Nkumbula

Bacci Simple Lyrics

VERSE I’m not on that Generation Z shit Call me ol’ skool, not like the new kids I believe in loyalty Can you gimme loyalty? I don’t want nothin complicated Just you and me chillin’ every weekend Thought you understood that I’m grinding so why the little birds chirpin’ that you’re white girl wasted in the parking lot every Friday night? What is that all about? I’m not lookin’ for no trouble I’m surrounded by rubble Is it unrealistic to want somethin’ so simple? PRE-CHORUS So tell me, tell me Can you gimme your time for free? Tell me,...

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Like Yah! Lyrics

Like Yah Lyrics – 94 Gugu, Teazy & The Kicks [Intro] Ayo Kicks ayo we finna go to mars mayne I’ve been tryna work, it’s getting harder and harder, but you know Yeah! Vibes! [Hook] You know I’m a hard act to follow Everything I do you know I keep it on the low low Everybody ask me what the deal is Suited up I’m all about my business like woah! Your hating got me MIA [Yah] this girl just got me MIA [Yah] This working got me MIA [Yah] Your boy just feeling MIA Like Yaaah! [Verse 1:...

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Natasha Chansa – Need your fire lyrics

Intro: I need your fire Oh I need your fire Let it burn, let me burn ×2 I need your fire Oh you take me higher Let it burn, let me burn Oh baby I need your fire, let it burn inside of me I just wanna feel your heat, so let me burn with your love Verse one: You ask me if I ever learn, but honestly I love the way it hurts You ask me if I feel the heat, but babe in your presence is where I feel complete You’ll just never know what you do...

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Mwape Mwansa or better known as Dragy is a 22 year old peot, rapper, singer, producer and video director. Dragy is also the founder of BraveNation Music and Co-founder of BraveNation as a whole. Having produced singles like crosswinds by Precious, We can clearly tell Drag is an amazing producer as he is an artist. Having first heard him on Menace’s 19 Ep, Dragy later on realised his debut EP ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ that has a diverse sound as well as amazing features. The likes of Menace, Precious, Ziyase, Malachi and Drea just to mention a few. It is...

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Chileshe Tembo also known as Kslayer is a Zambian, Lusaka based Hip hop artist and all round creative who isn’t only involved in music but art and graphic design too. Musically, Kslayer started out in 2009 with  The Jedi in a group called ‘The Kicks’. That has worked on projects such as “Done and Dusted” and “Do It Right The First Time”. After a 5 year long break from Music, Kslayer’s return was heard on, ‘Like Yah’ a single that had Teazy and 94 Gugu as well as the return of the KICKS. Recently, Kslayer dropped a song called...

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