Boniface Banda better known as Zerub Exodus is a 25 year old Rapper.

Zerub Exodus started rapping when he was just a kid that got most of his inspiration from 2pac, Eminem and DMX.

Being one of the first physically challenged people to have pursue my dreams of becoming one of Rap’s greats, has come with it’s own challenges, in and outside of myself.

I’ve had people look down on me because I’m move on a wheelchair and stuff, judging my entire being or rather rap career based on that and also just from within my inner being. I’ve had moments when I could look down on myself, thinking, “I can never do this and I should just quit.” But I guess passion surpasses all, it beats even the wildest of odds.

I’ve always been driven by the fact that my inability to walk or be able to do certain things doesn’t in any way affect my ability to think creatively. I’m an artist and that’s who I’ve always been, it’s what I was born to be. My disability and I are two different things, which proves that it does not in any way define me but rather something that just plays a part in my purpose; of which I feel it is to challenge society’s perception towards physically challenged people.

So I guess it’s just absurd to judge anyone based on their physical appearance or uniqueness. – Zerub Exodus