Mwendalubi Phiri, better known by his stage name Sketch, is a Zambian rapper, songwriter, and dancer who aims to positively influence Urban-African culture through his music.

Sketch intends to cut across cultural differences and trends with a rich and modern sound using his faith as a backdrop, his goal is to share personal revelations and experiences so as to spark meaningful conversation with his listeners and speak hope to a somewhat distracted generation.
He started rapping when he was 16, but has been a dancer since he was about 6 years old. Sketch released his first single which was a freestyle (a song with only verses and no hook or chorus) with his friends Fame and Miracle in 2014 which astonished a lot of people who had no idea he could rap.

In highschool sketch developed a love for poetry and became a poet myself, but it never replaced his love for rap & Hip-Hop, but instead later on helped him have a deep and artistic approach in his songs.

In 2012 he became a member of the Immanuel congregation church his my home town of Chingola and was introduced to the world of gospel rap by the friends he made there, Lecrae’s “take me as I am” was one of the songs that drove me closer to Christ. After he became born again a year later, mainstream music didn’t quite resonate with him as much as gospel rap and Hip-hop did, he started getting a lot of inspiration from KB (Kevin Burgess) and decided to put out something of his own as an act of love to evangelically reach people through music just as KB and Lecrae’s music did for me. Anything else that he put out after that was purely driven out of me by motivation through out the years from family, my brother Jeffrey and my sister Mutinta, and aswell from close friends like Sonwell, Mwaba, Chimwemwe, Daisy, Suwilanji, Lomy, and Humphrey (aka J-Yoing) just to mention.

Sketch recently released an EP (extended play record) titled Born a King which he considers to be his best work so far because it tells his story.

As a musician it’s important to keep writing so you don’t get rusty so I write new songs or just ideas of verses behind the scenes each time I release anything and I hope to start shooting music videos so the listeners can have a visual experience of my music too. – sketch

IG: @mwendasphiri
FB: Mwenda @HumbleKing Phiri
YouTube: Mwenda Sketch Phiri