Nike Chifuka, also known as Niké and Shy boy flex is a 24-year-old male singer and rapper from Lusaka, Zambia.

Nike’s mother is also a praise and worship leader at the church they fellowship. Part of the reason why he pursued music was because of his mother. He completed his secondary education at Chengelo secondary school where he would perform his own songs at variety or talent shows.
The 24 year old artist particularly revolves himself around pop, R&B, trap soul, house and Hip hop. music genre’s. His vision is to inspire people through music to enable individuals to express themselves as they are and with no hesitation hence the name “Shy boy flex”.

Making his debut on the Zambian music scene with 3 Singles, Wavey , Hangover and Don’t Act Up.

2017- present.
Pop, RnB, Trap Soul, House and Hip hop

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“Don’t Act Up”