Gift Mulongwe or Nukid Mulongwe, better known by his stage name “Newkid”, is a Zambian recording Hip/hop artist, poet, brother, son, friend, Co-founder of a clothing line called NKDgraphics. Was (born August 19, 1996. Raised in the heart of Lusaka/Kafue, Zambia with his two sisters and a brother.

Newkid is a child of strategy & creativity, that loves to draw, graffiti, motorbike and make music. He has recorded both as a solo artist and the likes of PRYCHI, Abel Chungu, Macky 2, Bowchase and many more.

What if when I brag, I’m not talking about me, but I use everything in my life to point to God and honor Him? That was the idea. I point to how great He is.”

A Mixtape/Album can teach you a lot. In many ways, it’s the ultimate platform to spread a heartfelt message, relay invaluable lessons, and celebrate life in a palatable, potent form. That’s precisely what Newkid does on his upcoming music projects. The acclaimed rapper, author delivers a clarion call to listeners everywhere with the record and literary work that’s encapsulated in its very title. NewKid started rapping since high school for his friends and make lunch money out of it through rap battles in class and the school corridors.

What inspires him to rap started from a rap song by American rapper Nas “I Can” this song inspires me because the message behind this song is being what you want to be if you work hard at it and you can, so he can to reach his goals.

I remember being like 14 and hearing it, thinking damn these guys are so paid and what their doing is so easy! so i started writing my own rhymes thinking I will be spitting raps on these dudes soon, and here I am”.

His dream is to work hard and make sold out shows both locally and internationally. Rap inspires us to go after our dreams and have faith that if we have the melodies and great lyrics, rap never had much to offer me, the Sky is not the limit.

You have to keep your vision clear because only cowards love in fear. We always ignore the ones who adore us and adore the ones who ignore us and such is life. God is Love because he first loved us”.

Facebook: Newkidzambia, Instagram: Newkidzambia/Newkid700, Twitter: @Kidzambia, Snapchat: Nmulongwe6.