Natasha Chansa (born 29 April 2000) better known as Princess Natasha Chansa obtaining the title from her Father (Chifumbe Chansa) His Royal Highness Chief Kaputa of Kaputa in the Northern Province of Zambia is a Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Dancer signed under Zed Arts Records. Natasha was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia.

Natasha Chansa performing at the Zed Arts New Wave Live Show

Having started at a young age, Natasha always sang but she only got to know she was really good when people said it to her. As she got a little older she began to rap at school and went by the name ProTasha.

Having so much appreciation and validation of her art from many people, Natasha began to sing and rap more and to write her own songs.

At the age of 15, Natasha began to make video’s of her covering  popular songs and further grew a following on social Media

Having her debut on the zambian music scene as she featured as a rapper on Era Black 3194 Ep on Track 3. Lie to me, Natasha then became the most asked about artist.

Natasha Chansa with Her Band

Natasha then Dropped her debut single Need your fire which not only broke the zed arts charts but also called so much attention on the artist and had so many huge artist to want to work with her.

Natasha Chansa has two official singles out and is currently working on new projects that she’s  excited to share with everybody.

Conformity will only block you from discovering a power you have that you suppress. Just be you and be bold- This generation needs more lady pioneers after all. – Natasha Chansa