Damaseke Mwenda commonly known as mawaXdzulo is a 22 year old artiste/producer.

Having Started making music at the age of 12 or so. MawaXdzulo listened to a lot of Soulja boy at the time and found out he made a lot if not every beat off his first album. Using  FL thats his cousin introduced  him too, his production was on and off. He began to take music production a little more seriously in the last 2-3 years.

Generally, mawaXdzulo draws his inspiration from animation, cartoons and movies only to mention a few.

Production wise, MawaXdzulo is heavily influenced by clams casino, Knxwledge, Nujabes, Kaytranada and Earl Sweatshirt.

MawaXdzulo also finds inspiration from fellow Zambian Artiste’s Paul Ngozi is up there. Bacci, Chuck van Dusty, Tale Sheezy and Ceejay the Slob.

MawaXdzulo describes his genre of music as Being heavily rooted in Hip hop, heavily sample-based.

“My main aim with the music is really to inspire people to be themselves. I really want to change the way people view artists within Zambia as well. I think, now more than ever, there’s so many people that’re really pushing and doing a lot of cool things within the creative arts industries. More people need to see that”. – MawaXdzulo.

You can listen to some of his stuff off the site 🙂