Chileshe Tembo also known as Kslayer is a Zambian, Lusaka based Hip hop artist and all round creative who isn’t only involved in music but art and graphic design too.

Musically, Kslayer started out in 2009 with  The Jedi in a group called ‘The Kicks’. That has worked on projects such as “Done and Dusted” and “Do It Right The First Time”.

After a 5 year long break from Music, Kslayer’s return was heard on, ‘Like Yah’ a single that had Teazy and 94 Gugu as well as the return of the KICKS.

Recently, Kslayer dropped a song called Annihilation that officially announced his return to the music after the long break he had taken.

“I am a lover of music and I feel all things deeply. For me music is an extension of who I am, it’s a place where I can take all my raw thoughts and emotions and process them into beautiful sonic poetry that can be appreciated by someone else’  – Kslayer.

Kslayer is currently working on his debut solo ep, which is yet to be named.