Born 1996 Kondwani sometimes known as Kay or ‘Rhetorik’ or ‘R.T’ for short,is rapper/hiphop head.

Kondwani fell in love with hip hop when he was 12 and his life has been centered on hip hop ever since. Kondwani is more into conscious rap, he says “I like music that speaks to me, music that I can relate to and that’s what I strive to create”.

Hopefully others can relate to my sound and my lyrics as well. My aspirations are simple, all I wanna do is make music, I literally don’t want to do anything else, and my goal is to be able to live off my music as well. Since a kid I hated school so dropping out was inevitable, I don’t believe that academic structure is meant for everybody. I’m currently located in Ndola. I believe as Zambian artists, our goal should be to break the stigma that surrounds Zambian music, I believe our generation should pick up where the older guys left off and really put our country on the map, I feel like we owe it to ourselves because nobody is going to do it for us. – Kondwani