KANIZI is an independent Zambian rapper, poet and songwriter.

He embarked on his musical career as a kid in 2004 when he discovered he could write, under the stage name Rodney Kanizi which later just became “Kanizi”, releasing his first official single “RIDE WITH ME” on february 28th 2016, that garnered local attention and led to his association with some big names in the local industry such as STEVO RAP GURU.

He began to gain major recognition after that. Prior to Ride With Me, he has been writing ever since 2004 but never really had proper recording sessions, he used to freestyle and record on the phone with his homeboys in the bedroom until 2014 when he began exposing himself to studios nearby, Kanizi has been active eversince. In 2014 he went on to freestyle at a POWER FM rap battle then hosted by the late DJ SHYN and he came out number 2.

The following year, Kanizi appeared in a hood cypher and continued working on his craft. He has gained a large Internet following, thousands of downloads and collaborated with several prominent big names in the industry. 2016 holds Singles such as CHIBANDA Featuring former XYZ rapper STEVO RAP GURU, blesser and RIDE WITH ME.
At an early age Kanizi liked Tupac, 50cent, Eminem and Bob Marley. Early in his life and career he was inspired by his uncle, Natoo Jr who is also a musician. He has found a balance between Music and Education. He is in university.

Associated acts also include K.R.Y.T.I.C.
There is no doubt he is one of the best freshmen out.