Dilatrik is a Zambian Gospel / Hip Hop  Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Producer who’s name is also an abbreviation for ‘Destiny Is Living According To Righteousness Including Kindness’ which are two of the artist’s most valued principles and guidelines to achieving greatness.

Dilatrik can be described as an authentic artist who’s music possess creative wordplay, emotion, vivid storytelling, poetry and top notch rhyming skills which he displays over alluring hip hop beats as he ministers the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through his own personal experiences and the word of God.

The artist released his debut hit single in August (2019) entitled “I LIKE IT’ which was produced by “Reverb” and the song features (Antonio “Yellow Dove” Mwanamuke) aka God’s Favorite Rapper who partnered with the artist to compose the hit that has everyone dancing and yelling ‘I like it’.

The artist and producer recently released his lead single entitled CONFIRM featuring “Tim” & “Mikrophone7” which was produced by “Mixtizo” in addition to his debut album “GLORIFIED” which dropped on the 16th of October, 2019 and can be sampled and purchased by clicking on the link below.https://mvesesani.com/music/dilatrik-glorified/