Chimuka Devon Chilala or better known as Devon fresh is one of Zambia’s fresh rappers.

With a shockwave talent leaving every listener hooked on the idea that he might just be the chosen one, Devon Fresh is undeniably one gifted artist just ask any one that listened to his music..

With a history or a lets say “present but dormant” profession in everything artsy in the Music Business, Devon Fresh was born for the industry. Starting to experiment with music at early age, he participated in rap battles in the corner streets of his neighbourhood with friends from different parts. It was that or being swallowed into the system of the thuggery in Kitwe or lets call it Kopala so you get a better understanding.

Devon Fresh released his first in studio song, a cover to Drakes Dreams money can buy which according to him sealed his love for making records officially and well sort of professionally..

Devon Fresh has had a few ep’s released unofficially. Jumping on tagged beats for fun and assembling a compilation of all those songs which eventually would get on to be deleted from the internet once and for all. Music business reasons of course..

After finally graduating from Business School with a degree in Accounting, Devon decided to dedicate his time to the music officially as a Partner/Music Executive plus A&R in Zeemusic; an artist development company that has had success hosting the first ever creative music awards in 2016.

In 2018 on the 1st of July, Devon released his first ever Official Mixtape called Indigo with executive production from Young Boss, Trooy Reinz and himself and also featured new wave talents like Bacci and many more.

Indigo has been met with excellent reviews and was deemed a timeless record and nothing like you would expect from a Zambian artist by some supporters. Devon says Indigo is just a small part of a grand scheme of operations to raise the calibre of music and the business that comes with it.

“I am still trying to figure out what my path is but my purpose in this business has begun to unveil itself to me. Great things are yet to come.”

You can stream the INDIGO MIXTAPE off the link :