Cinori XO  born Augiste j Kayembe is a 20 year old Zambian American raised artist.

The name Cinori xo is the word ‘ironc’ spelled backwards with a ‘xo’ too show respect to Cinori xo’s inspiration ‘Drake’ the Canadian hip-hop star.

Cinori xo Is a Hip-hop Recording Artist/Singer/Song Writer under the management of The Main Event Zambia and Milvia Entertainment and Lex Music group.

Cinori XO, started his career in Zambia, but later moved to Cape Town South Africa, to sign with Connecxion music. Until later on breaking away from the label and coming back to Lusaka.

Currently, Cinori xo is working on his first studio album’No room for error’.

Cinori recently dropped his hit single ‘get paid’ that features the legendary UncleRex. You can get it off the site.
Cinori’s goal is to create music that creates a change in the zambian music industry.

‘I want to be the man I looked up to or wanted to be like when I was a younger guy, that’s really my biggest ambition and also I pray that my legacy can live as long as my biggest inspiration ‘Uncle Rex’. – cinori xo.

Follow Cinori xo on all social platforms and stay tuned for his collaboration with ‘j hun’, and his solo studio album ‘No room for error’.