Mwalu Nambula better known as ‘Chuck Van Dusty’ is a 22 year old Zambian Rapper and Artist.

You can listen to his Ep ‘ WELLO HORLD’ off the website.


Chuck started making Music in 2016 when he made a song that was actually him venting about his ex. He actually hates the song.

What inspires Chuck to create what he creates, is; anime, video games, all kinds of genres of music, my soul brothers CeeJay the Slob and Daniel Tumelo from stasis prey, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Oddisee.

His also inspired by Zambian Creatives like CeeJay the Slob, Bacci, Emmanuel Dauya, mawaXdzulo, Maiko Zulu, Witch, Chimora Charles Chinene and people close to me.

Chuck’s goals are to inspire people through his art and his music to express themselves how the want and be who they are…and understand that we are all the same… and that we all can connect with each other…
He also wants to help the people around him and change the world greatly, to help it become a better and more accepting place.

Aside from Music, Chuck draws and paints too

Thats a recent piece by Chuck Van Dusty.

“I’m just a regular dude tryna catch a vibe and spread a vibe to the people who can catch it with me and spread the love and consciousness using my craft and have a lit time while we’re at it” – Chuck Van Dusty