BraveNation Music is a Zambian record label originally founded in December 2016 and officially registered in 2018.

BraveNations main goal is to inspire and influence not just the music industry, but society as a whole.

“Our team is incredibly passionate, hard working and multi-talented”. – Brave Nation

The roaster includes:
• Bondo (Singer)

• Dragy (Rapper, Singer, Poet, Producer, Sound Engineer)

• Drea (Rapper, Singer, Producer)

• Gun House (Producer)

• Jst Jones (Rapper, Producer)

• Leekay (Singer)

• Menace (Rapper, singer, poet, producer)

• M.Y.I. (Rapper, Producer, Sound Engineer)

• Precious (Singer)

• Room14 (Rapper, Singer, Poet)