Born Mukonde Abel Sebastian kalumbwa, Blows is a 23 year old Zambian Rapper that started out as a christian rapper in a rap group of 3 called ‘radical for christ ( R-4-C)’ under the label ‘equalize’.
R-4-C later on separated as each one began to pursue their own dream.

Blows currently is an independent artist who teamed up with nexus thanks to the help of fumbani (fjay) of Urban Hype, who happens to produce most of his music.

Blows’ goal is to bring meaning and relevance back to rap music as my main target audience is youths being a full time christian, Blows says that, “his faith plays a very big role when it comes to what kind of massage/content I put out for the public to hear, for it represents me not only as an artist but as a Chritstian too”.

Growing up listening to alot of Exile now known as Izrael and Crisis, Blows was inspired to persue music.

Get a chance to listen to Blows’ debut single ‘Up and Away’ which features Fjay.

“I want to be a positive voice to youth out there but still give them a vibe they can bounce too” – Blows.