Lubasi Sebastian Katundu better known as Bacci is a Pop/Alternative and R&B Zambian Artiste.

You may have heard his well known singles, ‘Healing’, ‘So sorry’,  as well as his Amazing EP .L O V E D R U N K .  that  featured amazing artists like Chuck Van Dusty, Tale, Kunkeyani tha Jedi just to mention a few. The EP showed us that Bacci isn’t afraid to sing about he’s emotions.



Having started making music at a young age and being encouraged by his brother to write, emotions inspire and play a huge role in the music Bacci makes.

His goal is to prove to the world that a Zambian Boy with a dream bigger than Africa could make it through belief and determination.

Bacci Recently dropped two single’s Simple and Ain’t ready,

I’ll admit I have a bit of an affinity for sadness lol. But yeah, emotions play a huge role in the music that I make. I feel that as humans, we need to learn to be considerate of other people’s feelings. Sometimes just telling them what you’re feeling in that moment isn’t enough. Music bridges that gap for me. it’s the icing on the cake. – Bacci

Currently, Bacci is working on his first ever show, .L O V E D R U N K.  LIVE and we wish him nothing but the best.