Born Anuel Ngosa Kasote, better known as AnK, is a Zambian Musician whose genres are Hip Hop and Trap.

Curious to see how far he can take his talent, AnK is highly inspired by himself and his ever growing talent.

Also finding inspiration from South African rapper AKA, AnK’ s goals are to create a huge fan base, become one of Zambia’s best producer/beat maker as well as make it internationally.

He made his debut with family values on the zed arts website and later on released his current Mixtape the 96KiD.


Having to juggle music and school.( I find myself falling way way back with my school work because I skip like three quarters of my classes to make beats and hits. I have more faith in my music career than whatever it is a degree can do for me )

Frequently changing my base. ( its a bit of a challenge when it comes to like promoting my music or shooting music videos because most of the time I’m not in the city. Only way is on social media when I’m back at school and its crazy for me because I’m not a social media person )

Doing everything on my own. ( its a tough challenge especially when I’m working on big projects cause I have to make the beats and make sure everything’s on point. Art work needs a profound concept and final mastering has to be perfect. Its tough but this is a challenge I really enjoy cause it helps with the growth.

Always listen 2 Ank